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In 2005, CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. set foot in the field of power lithium ion battery, and built the first full-automatic 18650 battery production line in China. The company established BAK International (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and Dalian CBAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. in 2006 and 2013, respectively, which are the first batch of the enterprises specializing in the R & D and production of high-power lithium ion batteries in China.

Through continuous research and innovation for nearly ten years, output of CBAK power battery presents exponential growth. At present, a variety of productive lines go shoulder to shoulder, and our products cover 18650, 26650, 26700 and other models of batteries. In addition, we can customize battery modules and vehicle battery packs, and provide integrated solutions from battery cells to power system integration.

CBAK Energy owns diversified power battery cell products integrated under the mature industry, as well as commercialized batch manufacturing capacity. At present, CBAK Energy achieves an annual output of 1 billion WH, which can provide power support for 20,000 new energy vehicles. The large-scale production can reduce the product cost, reaching the cost performance beyond the fuel.

In addition, CBAK has over ten years of experience in manufacturing batteries. Our power battery cells are characterized by stable structure, excellent heat dissipation, high-energy density achieving lightweight battery and low combustible value as well as safe flame retardant spacing, achieving excellent quality and meeting the demand of stable, consistent and continued escort.
The main products as follows:
Model Typical capacity Internal capacity Nominal voltage Max continuous charge Max.continuous discharge  Cycle life 
H18650CC 2.15 ≤35 3.6 1C 3C ≥1000
H18650CIL 2.4 ≤35 3.6 1C 3C ≥1000
N18650CL 2.9 ≤35 3.6 1C 3C ≥1000
26650MP2 3.0  ≤20 3.6 2C 3C ≥2000
26650FS2A 3.4 ≤20 3.2 1C 3C ≥2000
26650FS3 3.6 ≤20 3.2 1C 3C ≥2000
P26650HP-Fe 2.5 ≤12 3.2 5C 15C  ≥2000
P26650HP2-Fe 2.7 ≤12 3.2 5C 15C ≥2000
26650HC 4.5 ≤20 3.6 1C 2C ≥1500
26650HC2 5.0  ≤20 3.6 1C 2C  ≥1000